Spiritual license

In the age of the wind in Aquarius, the talented person who awakens to the sixth sense awakens and begins to act.
We at Freedom Meditation issue spiritual licenses to support talented people.
If you are awakened to your ability and need a license, please apply here.

We will issue the license you want by e-mail first, and then we will ship the license title (Plaque) and the jewel of the awakening commemoration.

Various licenses are issued at a member price of $ 330.
The Freedom Meditation Ability Development Program will also be sent by e-mail to license purchasers.

We also issue various licenses to non-members for $ 3300.

Once you get a license, you can work as a specialist in each industry.
The license can be used for various economic activities such as SNS activities, book sales, and having a shop.

●Spiritual issuance license lists
Spiritual Analyst, Spiritual Artist, Spiritual Energy Artist, Spiritual Strategist, Spiritual Director, Spiritual Herbal Tea Artist, Spiritual Flower Artist, Spiritual Producer, Power Stone Artist, Fortune Teller Artist, Mindfulness Artist, Meditator, Zen Mind Artist

The settlement of accounts is carried out by Earth Agent Media Foundation Inc., the settlement management organization of The Better World / Un Mundo Mejor.

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Showing all 2 results